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Ancla 1
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Client: Zattoo

Creativity: Bestia

The end of the year is always a special time full of emotions. This 2022 will have the particularity that we will be preparing to welcome Christmas and the New Year at the same time as the Football World Cup is being played. With this in mind, Zattoo asked us to make an emotional piece that breathes these two worlds and tells their multidevice and weatherproof atributes.

For this we decided to make this sequence shot for which we had to make the Zattoo family puppets on a much smaller scale, so that it would be achievable within the challenges of budget and time. This meant that the entire Bestia team had to be activated: small puppets, small scenery, small furniture and huge possibilities. This commercial allowed us to do everything we love and we did it in record time. 

Sketch to craft_Set-02.png
Sketch to craft_Set-03.png
Sketch to craft_Set6-04.png
Sketch to craft_Set7-04.png
Sketch to craft_Set7-04.png
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