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Client: Terma

Agency: Selva

Wigs in the wind for this project! For this promo, Terma asked us to represent the wind of the herbs in different colorful sets.

What we did was place the prizes as the protagonists of the story and build modular real-size sets that followed the brand’s joyful visual ID. 


The results were these playful commercial and lovely social media capsules, enjoy!


T H E  C H A L L E N G E

To achieved the tight filming plan that we had we create modular geometric shapes that combining them in a different way we were able to build different sets with the same shapes.

This strategy made the filming process more dynamic and effective. We are proud to say we managed the budget and resources in the most efficient way possible. 

Pink shapes

Set longboard

Set bicicle

Yellow shapes

Set scooter

Set motobike

Sketch vs Craft Terma-02-02.png
Back Terma-02-01.jpg