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Ancla 1

Client: Cabify

Agency: The JUJU

Childhood Day is always a special time to celebrate with the youngest and reminisce about our own childhood. Following this spirit, The JUJU presented us with this project in which Cabify partnered with Rasti, a classic from our childhood. Together, they created a miniature version of Cabify's distinctive vehicle using Rasti blocks. The idea was to create a piece in which this vehicle would travel through some of the most iconic points of the city of Buenos Aires and to finish its journey by taking a soccer ball into a stadium, just like it happens in matches of the Liga Profesional de Fútbol.

To achieve this goal in just two and a half weeks, we

assembled a dream team of creators who took on the task of meticulously recreating six of the city's most emblematic structures, along with a series of representative buildings from Puerto Madero, Microcentro, and Palermo, which complemented this urban landscape.

In addition to this, we incorporated manual mechanisms that allowed the piece to come to life: the vehicle moves using a string, the bus operates through a magnet system, and the little soccer fans are controlled by rods. The result is an extremely playful piece, designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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